Commit 185765a5 authored by Jonah's avatar Jonah

added local helper functions

parent 600452eb
......@@ -102,3 +102,22 @@ propban_database.onConnectionFailed = function (db, err)
--local functions
local function ReportBlock(bid, name)
local ostime = os.time();
local qTab = {}
qTab.wait = false
local query = "INSERT INTO "..db_prefix.."banlog (sid, time, name, bid)"
query = query.." VALUES ("..ostime..", '"..propban_database:escape(name).."', "");"
pbSQLQuery(query, qTab)
local function StillBanned(ply, bid, reason)
if not IsValid(ply) then return end
ULib.ucl.registerAccess( "ulx unpropbanall", ULib.ACCESS_SUPERADMIN, "Ability to unban all propban entries", "Other" ) -- Permission for admins to unban players banned by other admins.
ULib.ucl.registerAccess( "ulx editpropbanall", ULib.ACCESS_SUPERADMIN, "Ability to edit all propban entries", "Other" ) -- Permission for admins to edit bans made by other admins.
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