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A Simple ULX Module that enables banning players from interacting with props in TTT
Credits: The XGUI portion of this addon is a modified version of the default ulx ban page, located here:
This module requires mysqloo
Make sure you properly configure your SQL server below
local db_prefix = "" --Leave this if you don't know what to do here
local db_hostname = "" --DB ip address or hostname
local db_port = 0 --Port of SQL DB
local db_name = "" --Name of database
local db_username = ""
local db_password = ""
local propban_database = mysqloo.connect(db_hostname, db_username, db_password, db_name, db_port)
local menuLimit = 100 --number of bans to include in the xgui menu
local pbRefreshTime = 90 --seconds between xgui refreshes
local announceBanNumber = true --announce number of prop bans upon server entry
--Admins who will get ban count notifications when players join
local admins = {
["admin"] = true,
["superadmin"] = true
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